Adoption: Chase’s quick 1 year insight

It is hard to believe it has already been a year since we started the adoption process, but I know that we are right where we are supposed to be. We definitely had a different timeline in our heads about how this was going to work and we have dealt with the disappointment of not meeting that timeline in different ways. My personality and perspective on life is just slightly (or COMPLETELY) different than Brit’s. My struggle is not in dealing with emotions, but rather recognizing I have them at all most of the time. Although this stark difference between Brit and I can be the source of tension in our relationship, the majority of the time in this past year it has definitely been a blessing. She is helping me tap into my emotions and I can help her frame her emotions in a frame of God’s promises and truth. The good news in this long, drawn-out process is that we are following the directions from God and he is blessing our obedience. Our marriage is as good as it has been since my deployment with the Army, Emry is healthy and wild, and Brittany is conquering her anxiety one battle at a time. We were always hopeful for a baby within a year or so, but apparently the baby God has set aside for us is not quite here. We are eagerly and hopefully waiting for the perfect timing only He can orchestrate. 

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