A letter to..me.

I hear this saying SO often at a start of a new year, “New Year, New You!” It is supposed to get you motivated, encouraged, and changed. But a harsh reality I’ve been hit with lately is that nothing is going to change unless you do. A new year won’t do it. A new month won’t do it. Saying “I’ll start on Monday” won’t do it. Only you can make the choice to stop doing whatever it is you have been doing (that hasn’t been working!) and start making choices that will propel you into goal achievement.

Instead of writing a post about my resolutions, goals, or good intentions, the Lord really spoke to me about writing an honest letter to myself. A letter to admit to myself what I need to actually do to walk towards the life I desire. My letter won’t look like yours, but I pray you take time to do the same for yourself. I pray you look back on 2019 with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Dear dreamer,

You definitely need to reflect and ask yourself questions. Set obtainable goals and then write down the ways to get you to success. Pick something from your list that you can start doing now and actually do it! I believe one of the biggest obstacles to success is distractions. You have good intentions, amazing ideas, things the Lord has shown you but none of it matters if you allow yourself to be thrown off track. One of your biggest distractions is being “busy.” Filling all of your free time up, time you could be resting or writing is full of things that might be fun and enjoyable in the moment but don’t bear much fruit. Stop binge watching Netflix. Stop escaping from the things of your past and start spending time with the Lord with a pen and paper and reflect. Grow. Ask Him questions and honestly want the answers. There is nothing on TV that will benefit your future. Don’t worry about the adoption. God knows your babies. He has them named and he has them set aside waiting for you. Trust his timing and his directions. If you need time then take time. Only go at the pace that keeps you peaceful. Write down your priorities. Stop saying yes. Talk to Chase about what your priorities are together. Start saying no. Start having boundaries. Actually finish reading the book Boundaries. Keep seeking your true identity in the Lord. That’ll help you with your boundaries. Look up new recipes. Don’t get overwhelmed by it. Just do your best. Spend time playing with Em. Actually playing, making messes and most of all, making memories. Blast worship music, take out your laptop and write whatever it is that’s on your heart. Even if no one else benefits from it- you will. You need to keep letting go of emotional build-up that has made you feel so heavy. Get it out. Even with run on sentences, grammatical errors, admitting truths that make you nauseous and realities that make you cry. Write.

Become who you know you can be. Be intentional. Be purposeful. Be present. Be available. Be obedient. Be you.



2 thoughts on “A letter to..me.

  1. I’m so proud of you and I’m so blessed and thankful to God for where He has brought you to and all He has brought you through!!! ❤️🌈🌻🙏🏻

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