A letter I needed. Maybe you do, too.

A letter I needed to write to myself:

Don’t lose hope when you feel like an Israelite. I know they can drive you nuts. They have seen miracle after miracle right before their eyes and yet they have the audacity to question God’s provision and faithfulness. God appears to them as a cloud, sends his angel to guide them, makes their enemies flee. It’s still not enough for them. His presence was so known to them and yet their belief in him was so low. I know you hate comparing yourself to an Israelite right now. You’ve been wondering and wandering.. even with miracles staring you straight in the face. I know the journey is making you tired. I know you can’t wait to reach the land flowing with milk and honey. But I also know you have to keep moving. Keep your belief in the only One who deserves it. He won’t let you down. You will see the other side soon. You will.


For all of my fellow wanderers, I am cheering you on.

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