A Talk with Jesus

I wrote this tonight after a prayer session I had with two ladies at church. Healing involves digging into every nook and cranny and unearthing the parts that need to be wiped clean. It’s not pretty. It’s often times painful but it is purifying and powerful.I came home, sat in our office and this flooded out. Just a letter between me and Jesus.

Hospital beds flashing one by one
A hard shell engulfing me that wants to be undone
I just want to run
Just want to break free
The process to my promise has never been easy
I want so badly to understand
Yet all you want is for me to hold your hand
Anger wells up and stores so deep
Please please get it out of me
I see water rushing all around
Feeling like I might drown
Yet I am still pushing against you to be found
But then I quiet myself and see you standing there
On the other side of my river
A calm only you can deliver
Raging waters on either side
Yet you remind me I don’t have to hide
I don’t have to earn your presence
Whether I am sick or healed
You are still there in the heavens
You are telling me you are in my every day
Telling me to move forward in step with you
In whatever you say
That is who I am finding you out to be
No, you will never leave me

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