Adoption: Meet Easton

Easton: east is the direction of the sunrise and symbolic of a new day. In the Bible, the east and sunrise depict God’s light and glory. 

Before ever meeting him, I knew he had a testimony. And I knew I wanted to have a front row seat to it. The thing with testimonies though, is they aren’t light. They don’t come packaged in bubble wrap for the several times you hit a wall. They don’t give you a heads up to the future when you are losing your mind over all the unknowns. And testimonies most definitely don’t have an end date. You are consistently having to put one foot in front of the other while asking God for all of his strength because you simply have none left of your own. But when you get to a part of the testimony where you see light? It makes those footsteps firmer, your muscles that much stronger and the unknowns a little less scary.

Easton’s birth mom found out she was pregnant with him while she was in rehab for drug abuse. He was exposed to several drugs in utero and his future health was a large question mark. We felt pulled to him. We felt like he was meant to be ours. That we were meant to be walking through his story with him. Not because we felt perfect or ready for this journey- but because we knew our God was.

He is a gift that God tied up in smiles, belly laughs, drool, and 3 am feedings with the best snuggles. He is healthy. He is fighting every odd thrown against him. He is living out the meaning of his sweet name.

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