It’s World Adoption Day!

I thank God every day for this baby. For adoption. For redemption. For life.

Abortion was talked about left and right on my feed during the election. I’m sure it was on yours, too.

There’s another “a word” out there & it’s what made this picture possible. It’s what made Easton’s life possible.

His birth mom will be apart of our lives forever. I will forever honor her and always love her for being the selfless, caring & mindful hero that she is.

She CHOSE to carry him even when her life was upside down. She CHOSE adoption.


He’s here. Adopted. Alive. Healthy. Whole.

All because his mom chose one “a word” over the other.

Happy World Adoption Day to my little love and to each of you who are also touched by the meaning of today.

2 thoughts on “It’s World Adoption Day!

  1. Thank You Lord for adoption and birth mothers who chose adoption rather than abortion, and thank you for sharing your heart❣️❤️


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