Faith: Peace is a Person

Hillsong posted something recently about a new song release. The band member who was speaking said something that I will forever be grateful for. He said, “Peace is a person. His name is Jesus.”

I don’t know about you, but that gives me so much hope. It allows me to take a deep breath. It shifts my focus away from my circumstances, my own feelings, and anxiety. It takes my overthinking self and calms her down.

Peace is not up to me. I can’t be my own source of peace. My husband, a clean house, children obeying or even a calm day can’t be my peace.

Peace is found in Jesus. And only Jesus.

I’ll admit I’ve been getting this word so wrong. I’m that tired mom of two, thinking if they are both resting and it’s quiet, I can have time to recharge and then there will be peace. I’ve thought if my mind could just calm down, if all the racing thoughts could just shut up then I’ll be peaceful. I’ve thought maybe, if just maybe, I could understand a little bit more about what God is up to then I could be more peaceful.

But, you know what?

Peace has nothing to do with me! Nothing to do with my circumstances. Peace has nothing to do with what I know, what I don’t know, a messy house or a clean house. Quiet kids napping or playful kids throwing toys everywhere.

Peace does not come from this world.

Peace comes from Jesus and Jesus alone.

Ever since I heard this, I catch myself repeating these words on those less than calm moments. My self talk in these moments sounds a lot like this:

“Peace is a person. His name is Jesus. Peace is a person. His name is Jesus. Jesus, you are my peace. I invite you in my space, in my thoughts, and in this house. Thank you for being my peace, thank you for helping me navigate the next step I need to take right now. Thank you for being right here.”

With Christmas right around the corner, in the year of nothing normal, lets focus on these words: Peace is a person. His name is Jesus.

Invite him to wherever you are, today.

(On my chalkboard in my kitchen as we speak. I need this reminder, daily!)

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