Adoption: Forever Family Adoption Fund

Pastor Craig Groeschel said you find your purpose within your righteous anger. That hit home with me so deeply. Even before we found out I couldn’t have more pregnancies, Chase and I wanted to adopt. God planted seeds within us years ago that we just recently saw bloom.

Living the ins and outs of the adoption process these past couple of years really opened our eyes. There are currently 400,000 children in foster care. One hundred thousand of whom are currently waiting to be adopted. This also doesn’t take into account any babies being born that are being placed with families within agencies. Y’all, these numbers are crazy high.

What is also high is the cost. According to Adoptive Families Magazine, the current average adoption cost is $43,000. There are several ways you can adopt, so that price can definitely fluctuate, but still… an average of $43,000 is crazy.

Children need homes. Adoptive families need help with the funds. And we want to help.

We are so excited to introduce you to Forever Family Adoption Fund! Through donations and fundraising sales, we will help adoptive families in need.

Please share our page, visit our website, donate, shop (coming soon!) & pray for the adoptive families in the journey of bringing their children home forever.

We can’t say thank you enough for helping children find their forever homes!

With love,

Chase & Brittany

FB: @foreverfamilyadoptionfund


2 thoughts on “Adoption: Forever Family Adoption Fund

  1. I’m so proud of y’all❣️ I know that because of your obedience to what God has called y’all to do, your foundation will be blessed beyond measure enabling y’all to help adoptive families’ dreams of adoption come true❣️❤️

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