Nourish The Children: Lets Feed Kids, Y’all!

Guys, I am SO excited to be a Brand Ambassador for NuSkin! I came across their mission from a friend of mine, and I HAD to be a part. After college, I spent a couple weeks in Africa on missions and to put it short: it shook me. I spent my first night there crying myself to sleep. I knew the world I would be witnessing there would be nothing I was used to. But, even preparing myself- didn’t prepare myself.

Years later, with two kids of my own, I still think about the children I saw there. Running around without clothes, without shoes, without consistent meals..

So, when I saw I could be apart of providing meals to malnourished children all over the world, I had to help. And, I invite you to be a world changer with me!

NuSkin’s Nourish The Children program provides VitaMeals to malnourished children worldwide. VitaMeal is filled with nutrients, vitamins, carbs, proteins, essential fatty acids, electrolytes, etc. which are essential in helping malnourished children grow and develop. For only $26.50, you can feed 1 child for a month! You can also buy 10 meals for a child for $10.

Check out this video from NuSkin to see the impact made so far!

For $26.50, you can feed 1 child 30 meals!

For $10, you can provide 10 meals!

THANK YOU for feeding these precious kids!

With Love,


*If you would like to purchase VitaMeal for your family to consume, click here: (choose the bag of 30 meals or the 10 meal option at checkout).

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