Adoption: Dear Birth Mom

Dear Birth Mom,

You will never know what the other side of the computer screen looks like right now. I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop, with a hot latte for some courage in writing my first email to you. I have worship music blaring in my ears to block out the people and music playing around me.

My heart is flooding with feelings. My face covered in tears. I’m so grateful for you. You will literally never know, ever, how much you mean to me. I see you in my baby. And I am so glad I do. Sometimes he looks at me certain ways, and I think, “that’s your birth mom.”

I’m not telling you about any of his specialists. Six doctors, because of all his drug exposure, is just something you don’t need to know right now. You need to know how much he loves Mickey. How he laughs with his whole being at his sissy. How he is so close to walking and how he actually didn’t like his cupcake at his first birthday party.

I wish you could see how amazing he is. How your choices didn’t harm him. How your choices and bravery actually have given him such a testimony. I am just simply humbled that I get a front row seat to it.

I pray for you. I think about you all the time. Any time I hear a pastor pray about addiction, I say your name in my head. You being delivered is one of the biggest prayers in my heart.

I don’t tell you that of course. At least not at this moment. But I do hope you know my thankfulness in the words I did type to you.

I hope you reply. I actually do hope he can meet you one day. That he can see the miracle first hand like I have.

Until we talk again,

Your Eternally Grateful Adoptive Mom

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