Faith: Beliefs & Breakthroughs

I heard a pastor today say when you align your faith and understanding with God, that you can be a new person within 24 hours. She said you don’t need a year or even five months, you can be different in 24 hours.
For some, that might be true.
When my grandpa got saved, it was absolutely true. He was different immediately. I saw it first hand.
But, for those of us who are Christians, who have been believers for most of our lives, I think declarations like this are what causes our beliefs to feel like they aren’t enough when we don’t get our “24 hour breakthrough.”
I posted recently about being in therapy.
It has taken me over six years to heal from events that happened within a 6 month timeframe:
We found out I was pregnant six days after we found out Chase was deploying.
Three weeks later, he left..
The day my lab work showed I needed to be hospitalized, was also the day Chase came home from Kuwait (God is good even in the hard).
On the fifth day of being hospitalized, it was time to be induced.
I met my 4 lb angel baby the next day after a very intense labor & delivery.
4 weeks later, we got told no more pregnancies or I’m facing double kidney transplants.
All of that happened within 6 months.
And it’s over six years later, and I’m still healing. Still having panic attacks. Still having nightmares at times. Still have days where I can’t think straight. Currently in EMDR therapy weekly.
And that’s okay.
I just wanted someone out there to know, and to remind myself, that everyone’s journey to healing is different. I trust God. I have faith. I have laid this down a million times. And yet I’m still healing.
I didn’t get some 24 hour deliverance by just simply believing in God. I’ve had to do some hard work in therapy. I’ve had vulnerable talks with my husband, a lot of rest days and a lot of brutally honest talks with God.
But, I’m getting better. And I know one day this story Jesus gave me won’t carry so much weight.
On the other side of healing, I’ll be able to see his sovereignty. And I think that’s my biggest prayer and hope for you, too. That one day, no matter how long it takes- we will believe without wavering, that no matter what comes our way- he is sovereign through it all. 🤍

6 thoughts on “Faith: Beliefs & Breakthroughs

  1. The Bible says when we are weak He is strong. The Lord uses us the most when we are clinging To Him the hardest. You are being used right now! Your transparency and openness is one of the keys to wholeness. You are a treasure and I love you!


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