Faith: Praising through Pain

These thoughts have been so heavy on my heart this week that I pray I can deliver them in writing that does them justice.

I really do believe that everyone is healing from something. I didn’t just add it as a tag line to my blog to match my name. It is something I really do believe.

Some people hide their hurts better than others. Some praise through the pain better, and some have learned to find rest in the midst of the wreckage. But no matter where you find yourself today, I pray the words you are about to read cause the weight you’re carrying to become lighter.

During a Praise Party at Elevation Church, Steven Furtick prayed, “We thank you not only for what you’ve done for us, but for who you’ve been to us.” Y’all, these words have stuck in my mind like concrete this whole week.

God is revealing to me that in order to fully heal, you can not only see God for what he has done, but for WHO- HE-IS.

Why? The problem with only seeing God for what he has done for you- is that it leaves room to also blame him for whatever he doesn’t do. (Insert your unmet expectations here).

BUT if we praise him, thank him, and sit in gratification for all HE IS, it doesn’t leave us much room for anything else. Blame, comparison, and heartache fall away when God’s glory, love, holiness, and goodness are consuming our souls.

I’m not going to claim that focusing on God’s holiness will cause you to never have another panic attack. Or claim that thinking about his goodness will dissipate your grief. I don’t know where you are in your healing. But, I am going to say, out of experience lately, that the load does get lighter.

And I’m also going to stand in faith with you that focusing on the goodness of Jesus will be honey to your hurting heart.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him..” Paul isn’t claiming that we will never have pain or heartache. He isn’t saying that all things will be good, follow God and you’ll never grieve again. Paul is telling us that no matter what is happening, whatever is hurting, whatever is a complete hot mess at the moment, God will take what the enemy meant for harm and he WILL turn it around for good. Soak up that promise.

God is a promise keeper. He is a miracle worker. He is holy. He is good. He is just.

He loves you so much. I’m praying this week that God shows himself to you in a way he never has before.

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