Faith+a Quick Confession

••c o n f e s s i o n••
I was doing my SOAP devotional today and these words came right out as I was doing my application.

culture is l o u d right now
christians are l o u d
opinions aren’t “allowed”

I personally love social media. I like connecting with people who aren’t still local. I love seeing what adventures people are on & pics of their growing families. I love reading stories and sharing mine.

But today I really felt God tell me, “don’t let culture clutter your calling.” Don’t get so consumed in social platforms that you allow God’s truth to be wavered by others’ opinions.

Just a lil’ confession, but I needed the reminder to keep my eyes on my own race & on Jesus. Maybe it’ll help you, too🤷🏻‍♀️🙂

2 thoughts on “Faith+a Quick Confession

  1. I gave up Facebook mainly because if I had become addicted to it it became an idol of worship in a sense. God has convicted my heart.I started a new block I haven’t logged in seven years. I don’t consider myself the greatest at it but I do like to write especially about God.


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