Faith: For The One Questioning If His Way is Worth it..

//for the one questioning if His way is worth it:
“Wouldn’t it be like you..
to be different than we thought..
different than we want..
but better.”

It’s funny. Emptying. Humbling? When your desires cause you to realize just how much you need His strength. His truth.
His everything.

When you realize just how fragile humanness is. That there’s nothing to a Christian that’s worth looking up to- except for the JESUS that’s inside them.

When I doubt his timing, his wait, his pause.. these people of mine remind me just how worth it ALL is.
A 4 pound preemie that scared me to death.
A baby who at 24 hours old started withdrawing from drugs.

Sometimes I feel like “God, are you sure you have the right person?..”
But, he’s telling me tonight: “It’s not about WHO you are- it’s about WHOSE you are.”

Not how I thought being a mom would come about.
->But He has eternal vision for His children
Not seeing myself needing standing therapy appointments to be the mom they need me to be.
->but He’s healing me deep deep for what He has for me
Not seeing my husband being my literal rock when I’m so consumed by loss of babies and navigating how to have more..
->but He knew the man I needed before I did.
These babies who seemed so fragile at birth->
look at them now!

He knew.
His wait. His time.

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