Faith: Why I Always Return to This Interview

“I never knew that the way people described you would become a prison until they did it… You have to be what you are- not what they call you.” -TD Jakes

How good/freeing/ a breath of fresh air is that?!

When we allow labels, titles, people & culture tell us who we are- we limit what God wants us to do. You can be more than 1 thing, have more than 1 dream, more than 1 focus & more than 1 purpose🤍

Titles & labels, followers & platforms can get this really messed up in our heads.

The only “label” we should be striving for is “faithful servant.”

I shared this on my last Instagram post, but I want to expand this thought..

When I am at a loss and struggling to get my head above water, I put this interview on. Honestly every time.

These words from TD Jakes have been my lifeline, my footing, and breath when I can’t seem to find my own. Being true to me- in the engulfing label of “mom”, in adopting a drug-exposed infant during a pandemic, in having friends who simply don’t get it and leave.. All while being in the time of the world we are in when culture screams out names through ads, memes, comments, followers, likes -or lack there of- it’s so easy to get slapped with labels that become an isolating identity.

In this interview, TD Jakes was responding to Steven Furtick’s nickname of him, the “slasher.” He is pastor slash producer slash author slash father slash husband and the list of things TD Jakes does goes on and on. TD Jakes went on to say, “You are at your best when you are authentic to your core.” He never let “pastor” prevent him from being “author” or “producer”. He never allowed brutal articles’ lies prevent him from being a “faithful servant.”

He knew him. He knew his calling. He knew Jesus. And he met someone along the way that reminded him of his why (watch the interview!).

So when I am lost in labels, I ask myself, “Who are you? What passions did your Creator etch on your bones? Are you being a faithful servant to the One that matters?”

My feet get firmer, my outside labels start losing their weight and I start seeing color again. I see me. I see my race, my path, and the beauty of what I have lost & the miracles in what I have left. I start believing I can do each thing God has called me to.

The interview is on YouTube between Steven Furtick & TD Jakes. They are discussing TD Jakes’ book ‘Soar’. Trust me, you’ll be glad you heard this!

Praying for color in your eyes as you see the miracle in your own race,


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