Poetry: Holding the Hand of the Other Side of Me..

If I could go back and hold your hand
I’d hope to help you understand
The grief is real but the joy coming is too
One day you’ll look in the mirror
And see a new you

Part of you will feel like you are stuck on repeat
The lies the enemy will spew are laced with deceit
I’d scream to you to please take cover
You’ll see soon your Bible is your very best buffer

On your journey to your new little babe
You will see yourself already so changed

You will embrace the call to adopt this new soul
Don’t back down when your scars start to show
The enemy will roar with each step that you take
Listen for the whisper of Jesus inside your mental earthquake

I know it’s hard to see the whole picture on your side
But deep in their souls he etched his bloodline
He wrote their three stories for such this time
I can’t wait to watch with you their purposes shine

When the wait feels like you can’t take anymore
Stare in the mirror and repeat psalm thirty-seven four
You are living in the reality of what once was a dream
You are knee deep in why Christ lovingly came

Look up to the One who wrote this for you
He’s holding the chapter you are coming up to
The pen in his hand never wavers never shakes
The hand holding that pen wasn’t pierced by mistake

2 thoughts on “Poetry: Holding the Hand of the Other Side of Me..

  1. You have such an anointing to write from the heart! Please remember that you have to live it in in order to write it and/or share with others. The Lord is trusting you to walk this path! Love you!


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