It’s Okay to Wrestle

I just listened to a sermon that hit me hard. We were so blessed having Pastor Craig Groeschel as our pastor in Oklahoma, and now that we are living in Ohio I am very thankful to still listen to him through the Life.Church app. I was listening to one of his sermons lately on Hope [...]

Adoption: One Word

New Year’s resolutions really don’t stick with me. I have a list of things to change, make better or don’t do and frankly it gets a tad overwhelming. Before I know it, it’s a new year and nothing has changed! So, a few years ago, I started choosing a word. One word. One word that [...]

Adoption: The beginning

We just completed our Domestic Infant adoption application through the agency we are really wanting to go through. My therapist asked me to put a word to how I am feeling about all of this. A word. Honestly the past three years have been nothing but a roller coaster and putting a single word to [...]