A Hard Truth

This post is purely from my heart. A place of vulnerability with the Lord, myself, you… A topic of identity that’s hard to form into words and admit out loud. Identity is something that we find purpose in. Identity can be “mom”, “engineer”, “student”, “smart”, “achiever”, or “artist”. Identity can be positive, negative and anything [...]

A letter to..me.

I hear this saying SO often at a start of a new year, “New Year, New You!” It is supposed to get you motivated, encouraged, and changed. But a harsh reality I’ve been hit with lately is that nothing is going to change unless you do. A new year won’t do it. A new month [...]

Growing Faith

Someone recently asked me the question, “How do I have faith? I believe in Jesus, but how do I build my faith?” This was one of the most humbling questions I have been asked. I have definitely been in this place recently and I do believe the only way to know Jesus better, and to [...]