A Talk with Jesus

I wrote this tonight after a prayer session I had with two ladies at church. Healing involves digging into every nook and cranny and unearthing the parts that need to be wiped clean. It's not pretty. It's often times painful but it is purifying and powerful.I came home, sat in our office and this flooded [...]

The War Within

I can see its face. I can feel its presence. Five years later I can’t escape it. I want so badly to move on but it finds its way back to me. I see black. I wake up knowing we are done with any future pregnancies. I see black again. And again. Darkness was the [...]

Praise Him anyway.

Praise Him anyway.

I had no idea what to post today. But, as I was sitting with my cursor blinking at me, I heard these three words clear as day. Praise Him ANYWAY. I don't know what your ANYWAY might be. I have a list of my own playing in my mind right now... But no matter what [...]