Raw Healing

BrittanyWilliams-23Writing is a mental and emotional detox. With headphones in, blasting worship music loud enough to drown out the enemy’s lies and noise in my own head, my laptop and a hot latte become my safe place. With each word written, I feel a little more free and understand my current journey a little more clearly. With a blank document ready to be filled, I meet Jesus and his truth. 

I was born with renal birth defects that made Heaven so very close and Jesus that much more real. Learning to depend on Him at such a young age, has allowed me to see the impossible being done beautifully time and time again. Doctors have been in awe and confusion over what they have seen God do in me. The girl that is in front of them doesn’t match up to the medical records in their hands. No way was I suppose to make it to thirty.

Five years ago, one of the biggest miracles of all arrived. What so many deemed as impossible was staring me in the face – all four pounds of her. She came five days after my husband returned home from deployment.

Two weeks after coming home from the NICU, we found out my kidneys couldn’t handle anymore pregnancies. The hope of more biological babies was short-lived.

Two years ago, we began one of our family’s biggest adventures. With adoption on our souls, we began the journey to further grow our family. We are currently waiting to be matched with a birth mom.

Healing can be messy. From physical, to mental, to emotional, trusting the process that gets you to the promise can be downright painful. But, through it all, God is good at being God- no matter what roller coaster you are currently strapped into…

I am so excited for you to be here. My heart for this blog is healing. I want people to know they are not alone by sharing the goodness of Jesus, the journeys he takes me on, and the lessons he continues to teach me. 

Raw feelings that fuel each post while putting emotion to text allows my heart, mind and faith to be restored one step at a time.

Thanks for being here!

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