Adoption & The In- Between

If you’ve been through the adoption process any length of time, you are well accustomed to the “in-between.”

You fill out an application.


Make a payment.

Wait for the next stack of paperwork.

Make another payment.

Say your whole life story during interviews.

Wait some more.

Make more payments.

Wait for a birth mom match.

Keep waiting.

Wait for your baby to be born.

Spend every second cuddling that sweet life.

Wait for your baby to be legally yours.

Wait for your baby to share your last name.

And all the white spaces in between these black words- are so many itty- bitty spaces of the “in-between”.

We just began our second adoption process. I am feeling all the feelings! I’m so excited knowing the sweet life that comes at the end of this rollercoaster process. I am also so sick to my stomach at times also knowing the rollercoaster of this process. Anyone relate?

But then I heard this song and I am so at peace right now with the in-between. If you love Elevation Worship like I do, I am sure you’ve already heard this song on their new album, Lion.

The lyrics that grasp my soul and anchor my feet are in the song, “Dancing.”

“Even if the sun drops
Out of the sky
Even if the stars stop shining at night
Even if the drummer
Stops keeping the time
If your hands are in mine
I won’t stop dancing

Dancing on the mountain of a victory
Dancing through the valley
Of a broken dream
Dancing on the plains of the in-between
If it’s you and me
I won’t stop dancing”

Picturing the Lord, the Creator of my life’s story, choosing me, holding my hands and dancing with me. As I make every right and left step in alignment with his text, I feel… safe. Seen. Taken care of.

I’ve had my moments of dancing on the mountains of victory holding my miracle babies.

I’ve had moments of grasping onto him in the valley grieving no more biological babies.

And now, at this moment, he is making me so very aware that he is in every single space between the mountain tops and the very bottom of the lowest of valleys.

He’s there.

Sometimes, all we need to do is meet him.

Hands out open, grasping onto His, stepping to the right and then to the left.

Dancing with him, in his timing, to his song, that he wrote for our lives.

Praying you’ll stay in step with the beautiful author of your life,


2 thoughts on “Adoption & The In- Between

  1. Excellent again precious granddaughter!! Congratulations on your second God given and God chosen baby!!


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