My father in law asked me what my fav memory of 2020 was & I’m sure my answer is surprising.

But, my answer is pretty simple. March 19th. Standing in Target latte in hand, tears in my eyes shopping for my new little man that we were about to meet.

I caught a look at myself in this mirror (realizing I really needed to grab a cart) and just stared at myself with an arm full of b a b y clothes.

Witnessing God’s promise coming true.
Witnessing the pain of the wait coming to an end.
Witnessing redemption that could only be apart of God’s plan.

Nothing comes close to this day for me.
Nothing comes close to getting a call that a baby was ours.
Nothing comes close to feeling God’s presence as He gave me something I could’ve never given myself.

Let’s embrace 2021 with the unwavering belief that He really is a waymaker.

4 thoughts on “Faith:2020:Waymaker

  1. Thank you very much for sharing! He definitely gives us what we cannot give ourselves if we call upon Him in faith believing and as we pray according to His will. Love you!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your experience of not only the indescribable feeling when you receive the phone call saying that you have a child but realizing only God could provide this blessing❣️


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